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2017 Newsletters

February 2017 Newsletter

  • TJC Survey Activity Guide
  • SAFER™ Matrix Guide
  • LSC Updates
  • Lab Accreditation Changes
  • Alarm Reduction Highlighted
  • Malignant Hyperthermia
  • Concurrent Surgeries
  • Summary of EC News
CMS K-Tags Published
  • CMS Memo on Cyber Security and End Stage Renal Disease
  • AHRQ Informed Consent Training

January 2017 Newsletter

  • The new 2017 Survey Activity Guide (SAG) has six new mandatory Day 1 documents
  • Survey focus on your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
  • SAFER Matrix explained
  • ILSM Requirements highlighted
  • Changes to the Behavioral Health Manual – standards changes for July 2017
  • Bigger changes to the Behavioral Health Manual coming Jan. 2018 – start now!
  • Immediate Post Op Note – two thorny issues clarified
  • Refresher on portable fire extinguishers
  • CMS UPDATE: Small change for small critical access hospitals

2016 Newsletters

December 2016 Newsletter

• Revised ILSM expectations for life safety violations
• New Governing Body EP for COP level noncompliance
• Revised life safety expectations – details for LS.01.01.01
• Changes to the clarification process for 2017
• Final word on text messaging physician orders
• Helpful links on falls prevention & sterile compounding
• Catheter Associated UTI National Patient Safety Goal changes
• New CDC Guideline on vaccine storage
• CMS still testing the Infection Control Worksheets

November 2016 Newsletter
• The new EC and LS chapters have been published.
• Project Refresh Update – 51 EPs to be deleted
• Revised disease certification requirements
• Focus on air pressure differentials
• Cyber security addressed
• Suggestions for managing medical waste
• New emergency management requirements
• Surveyor focus areas

October 2016 Newsletter

• The TJC SAFER Matrix and changes to the ESCs
• Changes to the clarification process in 2017
• The Measure Of Success (MOS) gone in 2017
• ORYX Requirements Updated
• Changes your facilities leadership team
• Equipment management recommendations
• CMS new Emergency Management Regulations
• Summary of the TJC Executive Briefings
• Changes to the Day One Document list for 2017

September 2016 Newsletter

• Changes to the Statement of Condition and PFIs.
• New processes for waivers and equivalencies
• Sentinel Event Statistics for 2016
• Top hot spots for 2016
• Helpful Tool for tracking fire drills published in EC News
• New CMS S&C memo on Emergency Preparedness

July 2016 Newsletter
• Antimicrobial Stewardship Standard
• Capturing medical device identifiers
• Diagnostic imaging standards,
• Implementation date of the 2012 LSC
• EC tracer to the laboratory by your life safety code surveyor
• “Physician Favorite” order sets

June 2016 Newsletter

• Adoption of the 2012 LSC
• Fire hoses, dampers and more
• Response to violence in in healthcare
• Orders sets, protocols and standing orders
• Air pressure relationships and high level disinfection

May 2016 Newsletter
• Scoring Logic for 2017
• ESC Deadlines Change in 2017
• PDA Process
• Deleted 225 EPs
• Texting Orders
• Prison Units – CMS Rules
• CMS Adopts 2012 LSC

April 2016 Newsletter
• Numerous Elements of Performance deleted
• The FAQ page on the TJC website
• Top scored standards for 2015

March 2016 Newsletter
• Diagnostic imaging standards
• Pain assessment standards
• Fire Drill observations tool
• Infant Security
• Sentinel Event Alert is available on suicide
• Eligibility criteria for critical access hospitals (CAH) CMS

February 2016 Newsletter
• Interim Life Safety compliance
• High level disinfection booster pack
• Simulation for donning and doffing PPE
• Tips for Succeeding in a Life Safety Code survey”
• CMS memo on infection prevention
• CMS memo for the long term care industry
• OR temperature, humidity, air exchange & pressure
• SGNA clinical practice guidelines

January 2016 Newsletter
• Patton Healthcare Changes
• Risk icon elements of performance
• Additional team leader identified on some tailored surveys
• Behavioral Health standards effective July 1, 2016
• EC.02.02.01
• OSHA hazards enforcement policy
• Getting your plans set for 2016

2015 Newsletters

December 2015 Newsletter
• High Level Disinfection and Sterilization Booster Pack
• Draft antimicrobial stewardship standards
• Management of hazardous materials
• ORYX requirements in 2016

November 2015 Newsletter
• Executive Briefings
• CMS memo on sterile compounding and USP 797

October 2015 Newsletter
• 2016 decision rules
• Fire extinguisher testing
• Patients in police custody or forensic patients.
• CMS survey report findings from across the country
• Restraints

September 2015 Newsletter
• EC and LS portal launched by the TJC & ASHE
• Top scored standards
• Defibrillators – what is being scored
• National Patient Safety Goal for CAUTIs.

July 2015 Newsletter
• Perinatal core measure set
• Antibiotic stewardship update
• OSHA Tool Kit
• Protecting patients from self harm in BH settings
• Defining distance criteria for CAH designation
• Clinical contracting standard in the leadership chapter

June 2015 Newsletter
• CMS memo – radiology services safety requirements
• Severe maternal mortality in the sentinel event policy
• Breast feeding core measure
• Infant and child abduction risk tool

May 2015 Newsletter
• Summary of some standards changes
• TJC rules for organizations that stop serving patients
• Environmental rounding
• Antimicrobial stewardship
• Joint Commission FAQs

April 2015 Newsletter
• Top Scored findings for all 2014 hospital program
• Frequently cited findings from the behavioral health program
• Sentinel Event statistics for 2014
• Managing Ebola waste
• CMS memo on cleaning duodenoscopes & endoscopes

March 2015 Newsletter
• Decision rule changes for AFS & PDA
• Patient call bells, chemotherapy gloves & sterile supplies
• Copy and paste forward function in electronic health records
• CMS memo on blood glucose meters
• Duodenoscope surveillance and cleaning
• High level disinfection.

February 2015 Newsletter
• Diagnostic imaging standards 2015
• Ambulatory surgery centers – ASC’s
• CMS memo on dietitians
• Utilization review
• Preparation of radioactive isotopes
• LIPs without privileges that order outpatient services
• Swing bed requirements
• Coverage for ASC’s

January 2015 Newsletter
• E Cigarettes
• Targeted Solutions Tool for Safe Surgery
• Environment of Care compliance tracking
• Clinical practice guidelines for sterilization in dental clinics
• CMS Surveyor Worksheets

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February PHC Newsletter


Since our last newsletter, The Joint Commission has made two new updates to the customer Survey Activity Guide (SAG). If you have not already done so, you will want to download and analyze the latest version. To a large extent, the updates focused on the antibiotic stewardship program we described last month.

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