Update On Door Requirements – Roller Latches

by Expert Advice

Update On Door Requirements – Roller Latches

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

Perspectives details yet another update on corridor door requirements and eliminating roller latches.

The CMS first focused on eliminating roller latches in 2003. But, as a result of CMS and NFPA modifications, the Joint Commission changed LS.02.01.30, EP 13 as of March 11, 2018.

The change to the EP appears to be “wordsmithing.” But, since some authorities might question that “wordsmithing” is actually a word, let’s call it fine tuning!

Roller Latches On Corridor Doors

In addition, there are two new notes added to the EP. The first describes a potential loophole to the positive latching requirement. But, the loophole is very narrow. It requires the manufacturer of your door to verify that positive latching hardware is not an option. And, the door must still stay closed when applying five pounds of pressure.

More interesting is note 2 which is useful to hospitals working to become ligature resistant. It states that doors to toilets, bathrooms, showers, sink closets and similar auxiliary spaces, that do not contain flammables, do not require a device capable of keeping the door closed under 5 lbs. of pressure.

Plus, there is an update from the suicide prevention panel to recommendation 4. Perspectives first published this in November 2017.

The requirement makes the transition zone between patient bedrooms and bathrooms ligature resistant or ligature free. There is a new note added to the recommendation. It states that while TJC does not specify any particular solutions, some organizations may choose to use magnetic soft doors.

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