Is The Hospital Accreditation Process Broken?

by Expert Advice

Is The Hospital Accreditation Process Broken?

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

Is there anything wrong with accrediting bodies and the hospital accreditation process? It’s a debate that CMS fueled last year. And, earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal weighed in.

The Hospital Accreditation Process Under Review

On March 5, the Wall Street Journal published another article on accreditation organizations. You may remember a September 2017 article that found The Joint Commission rarely revokes its seal of approval when hospitals are not compliant with Medicare regulations. This report details what they feel is wrong with accrediting bodies. Plus, the article provided their perspective on accrediting bodies owning consulting divisions.

Late last year, CMS asked for public comments on accreditors who also own consulting services. CMS recently posted these public comments. They included feedback from your hospital industry colleagues and by different professional associations. You can access that information here.

The comments from the WSJ article appear more mixed to us than you might believe. For example,

  • Accrediting bodies with consulting arms, like TJC, are of course in favor of continuing the practice
  • Accrediting bodies without consulting arms are not supportive
  • Professional associations who participate in many Joint Commission processes are supportive
  • Our peers who work in hospitals have both good and bad experiences relative to consulting and accrediting entities owned by the same company

Take a look for yourself and digest this diverse feedback. It will likely take some time to analyze and, drawing conclusions will be difficult.

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