The Return To Normalcy In Healthcare

by Expert Advice

The Return To Normalcy In Healthcare

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

The return to normalcy in healthcare will be far from normal. But as the curve flattens and states start to reopen, here are some of the changes you can expect to occur.

The Return To Normalcy In Healthcare

Emergency declaration waivers remain a hot topic during the coronavirus pandemic. And with new challenges occurring almost daily, CMS continues to add to them. In fact, the list of all program waivers is now 36 pages long! You can access the entire list here.

The Future Of Emergency Declaration Waivers

These waivers will continue as long as the national emergency continues. Plus, we hear rumors that some waivers may become permanent even after the national emergency ends.

The Future Of Surveys

In late April we participated in the Joint Commission’s consultant forum. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • It’s unlikely that they will resume normal survey volume for quite some time
  • Protecting your organization and maintaining a healthy surveyor workforce while evaluating safety is their top priority. When we resume our onsite consultation, Patton will use similar strategies.
  • When surveys do restart, surveyors will not look at records during the national emergency

Focus On EM And IC Chapters

Without a doubt, here is the best news we heard during the forum. When surveys do restart, due to the influx of infectious patients, it will likely include an enhanced focus of EM and IC chapters. What’s more, TJC confirmed that they are analyzing these issues.

In fact, one opportunity that will arise from implementing your disaster plans during the COVID-19 outbreak is the opportunity to do a thorough evaluation of your disaster response.

While that might sound tedious, conducting a thorough critique will eliminate one of this year’s disaster drill requirements. Plus, since the pandemic was a community wide actual emergency, it eliminates the more elaborate community-wide drill requirement. Lastly, you can still proceed with your two drills to test the improvements you design after the evaluation of your COVID-19 response.

Evaluation Tool

To help with your evaluation, we created a template evaluation tool. You can download the tool here. Indeed, the most important outcome from using our tool is to identify potential improvements and necessary changes.

Patton Healthcare Consulting

Patton Healthcare Consulting can help you navigate the new normal. Our new remote consultation “Back to Basics:  Survey Readiness Plan” is a hybrid remote/onsite support program. It is designed to assist with assessment and education to meet your needs going forward after this national emergency.

We understand the need for assistance without disrupting your organization or extensive costs, so this program is designed specifically for that purpose.  Contact us at (888) PHC-INC1 for more information or email us at


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