TJC Surveys Resumed

by Expert Advice

TJC Surveys Resumed

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

TJC surveys resumed on a limited basis in June. Here’s how you can expect the process to work.

TJC Surveys Resumed

Unlike the scheduling process pre COVID-19, TJC will take a different approach. First, they will analyze COVID-19 data from counties throughout the U.S.. Based on this information, they will opt to conduct surveys in counties deemed at lowest risk. In addition, once they have identified viable areas, TJC will work to confirm this data. For example, an account executive will contact each organization to verify the county level data. They want to ensure the information reviewed by TJC matches what each organization is experiencing.

TJC May Consultants Forum

Further, during the May Consultants Forum, we learned that TJC conducted some remote surveys. These are first time accreditation for initial hospitals. But, the remote survey isn’t the only interaction. In fact, they will follow up with an onsite survey when conditions permit.

One last note, TJC applied to CMS to conduct remote Medicare Condition follow up surveys and document review. This is still under consideration by CMS.

TJC On-site Protocols

TJC will adopt processes and protocols consistent with your operation. For example, when surveys resume, surveyors will perform social distancing and wear masks. Further, if the organization wants surveyors to wear scrubs, they will do so. For the masks and scrubs, it will be up to the organization to supply the proper PPE. And, if the organization wishes to screen surveyors for temperature or COVID-19 symptoms, per organization policy, they may do so.

Lastly, during tracers, surveyors will not seek to observe any procedures carrying a high risk of aerosolization.

When Surveys Resume

Most importantly, when surveys resume TJC will NOT review data, medical records, or other information that occurred during the national emergency when some common practices may have been waived.

Patton Healthcare Consulting

Patton Healthcare Consulting can help you navigate the new normal. Our new remote consultation “Comprehensive Hybrid Readiness Review” is a hybrid remote/onsite support program. It is designed to assist with assessment and education to meet your needs going forward after this national emergency.

In addition, we understand the need for assistance without disrupting your organization or extensive costs. That’s the specific purpose of this program.  Contact us at (888) PHC-INC1 for more information or email us at


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