Potent Analgesics

by Expert Advice

Potent Analgesics

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

Sometimes important standards FAQs can change or disappear without notice. In fact, some of those sudden changes have important implications for accredited organizations. In past posts we have informed our readers about these situations. And, one such change occurred this month. It is the FAQ authorizing less potent analgesics to patients when prescribing multiple therapeutic options.

Potent Analgesics

For example, when a patient has a pain rating of nine (9) here’s what happens. Based upon patient request, it allows administering a prescribed non-narcotic instead of the narcotic prescribed for severe pain.

Previously, the FAQ indicated that organizations could do this. But, only if there was a policy authorizing the nurse to accommodate such patient preference. Now, there are eight (8) steps detailed in the FAQ. The most important of which is a new Step one (1).

It states,

“The medication order is written in a manner that supports deferring to patient preference.”

Thus, it is no longer enough to authorize the practice in policy.

Review The FAQ And Your Practices

Look at the June 25, 2020 change in the Medication Management and Provision of Care sections of the posted FAQ. Further, review the existing practices at your organization. Although there is neither a policy authorizing it, nor does the medication order permit the use of patient preference considerations to administer a less potent analgesic, we see this type of substitution taking place.

Also, here is another point to consider. Neither the old nor new FAQ authorizes the administration of a more potent analgesic than prescribed for that level of pain.

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