TJC 1135 Waiver Tracking Tool

by Expert Advice

TJC 1135 Waiver Tracking Tool

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

The TJC developed additional resources that deserve your attention. They include the 1135 waiver tracking tool and COVID-19 Recovery Preparation Checklist. Here’s why both are valuable information sources.

1135 Waiver Tracking Tool

The 1135 waiver tracking tool allows you to identify all the permissible waivers. What’s more, it allows you to check if it was used and begin to document the steps or actions needed to resume the waived requirement.

COVID-19 Recovery Preparation Checklist

Further, the COVID-19 Recovery Preparation Checklist is even more interesting, as is the included tool. This has broader applicability within the organization for issues you need to consider as you begin to resume somewhat normal services.

While it includes another discussion about waived requirements, it goes well beyond that topic. In fact, it includes consideration about temporary renovations or modifications made during the pandemic and potential decisions to make these modifications permanent. It also discusses reopening closed buildings and environmental considerations before doing so.

Finally, it covers social distancing practices and wellness checks upon entry to the building. This is especially important as you bring back furloughed staff.

We recommend you discuss this article and tool with a broad audience such as in an environment of care committee.

Patton Healthcare Consulting

Patton Healthcare Consulting can help you navigate the new normal. Our new remote consultation “Comprehensive Hybrid Readiness Review” is a hybrid remote/onsite support program. It is designed to assist with assessment and education to meet your needs going forward after this national emergency.

In addition, we understand the need for assistance without disrupting your organization or extensive costs. That’s the specific purpose of this program.  Contact us at (888) PHC-INC1 for more information or email us at


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