Preliminary Denial of Accreditation

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Immediate Jeopardy Determination

CMS issued a new QSO memo this past month, QSO 19-09. It details the dreaded subject of immediate jeopardy determination. Appendix Q of the State Operations Manual describes the IJ process. In fact, this may be a step in the right direction. The memo suggests that there will be more consistency and structure used to determine immediate jeopardy.

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Joint Commission Modifies Process for Preliminary Denial of Accreditation Decisions

The May 2016 issue of The Joint Commission Perspectives describes an important change in how they are handling preliminary denial of accreditation decisions, or PDA02. This is a particularly good news story, because TJC has found a way to not drive organizations all the way to a review hearing panel, providing they can quickly correct the issues found on survey. In the past a hospital that had a PDA02 decision had to submit their ESC, had to go through an ESC implementation verification survey, and had to then convince the Accreditation Committee not to uphold the PDA decision, and if not successful next go to a review hearing panel in Chicago to plead their case. This has become much simpler and less threatening.

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