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Mold Problems On The Radar

The August issue of EC News has a 10-page article on mold problems in hospitals. Over the past year, we have read and heard a lot more coming out of TJC on this topic. In fact, dedicating 10 pages on this subject indicates the importance of this topic. Here’s what should be on your radar screen.

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New Prenatal Safety Standards

The September issue of Perspectives introduced two new Provision of Care standards. They contain 13 elements of performance that detail perinatal safety standards. These new requirements take effect July 2020 and achieving them will take many steps. Use this information to get started.

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Basic Building Information Square Footage

The July edition of Perspectives announced a new EP 7 at LS.01.01.01. It covers how you report square footage in the basic building information document.

Basic Building Information Square Footage Reporting

At face value, the new EP seems innocuous. It only requires you to maintain the basic building information (BBI) with the statement of conditions. And, you already do that.

But, the announcement states the BBI now requires specific square footage rather than ranges. So, while the EP does not make this clear, you may need to change your current process. Instead of ranges, calculate the exact square footage you have in each building.

In fact, you’ll need to make these calculations soon. This change becomes effective January 1, 2020.

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