Adverse Outcomes

by dawnconrey

Immediate Response

An adverse outcome from the Joint Commission or a CMS Survey requires an immediate response. While an unannounced survey temporarily disrupts the normal routine of any hospital, an unexpected unfavorable outcome has the potential to impact clinical operations and your regulatory status.

Preliminary Denial of Accreditation

If you are recommended for a Preliminary Denial of Accreditation (PDA) decision, time is not on your side.

The Patton Healthcare Consultants understand the need for fast action. In fact, we review the Preliminary Denial of Accreditation report and develop an appropriate response by taking the following steps:

    1. Clarify the findings where appropriate
    2. Prepare a plan of correction to abate the threat
    3. Prepare you for the Abatement Survey
    4. Prepare you for the accreditation follow-up survey and your return to accreditation.

Condition level deficiencies (CDLs) and Accreditation with Follow-up Survey (AFS) are on the rise. Our team has helped numerous organizations emerge successfully from this outcome. We know how to successfully navigate through the process quickly and successfully so your team can get back to delivering safe and compliant care.

We are the best resource for help with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) citations that result in SIA agreement so that threats to clinical operations can be mitigated and patient safety protected. Our experienced team has been approved by CMS as a SIA partner to work with your staff to navigate through SIA, resolve deficiencies and protect your organization’s regulatory status.

Medicare Termination

Although this is a severe situation, it’s not irrevocable. Patton Healthcare Consulting has successfully assisted hospitals in their return to Medicare certification. We then can provide a team to help your organization implement corrective actions.

Immediate Jeopardy (IJ) Or Immediate Threat To Life (ITL)

To avoid serious threats to the regulatory or accreditation status of an organization with immediate threat to life (ITL) or an IJ requires experts who can assist you in developing your mitigation plan and resolve deficiencies. Patton Healthcare Consulting will assist you in developing an immediate response and avoid Medicare termination.

Immediate Jeopardy Requires an Immediate Response

Time is the consistent theme. Whether it’s a CMS Immediate Jeopardy or TJC Immediate Threat To Life, each situation requires you to move swiftly. Don’t let an extra day pass. It does make a difference.

Accreditation With Follow-Up Survey Support

Successfully demonstrating your compliance with those items found out of compliance is a must. Our consultants are experts at preparing your staff for a smooth, successful outcome in a follow up survey. This includes Accreditation with Follow-up Survey (AFS), Condition Level Follow-up Survey (CON), and more.