Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation

by dawnconrey
Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation

Joint Commission International Accreditation

For our international clients and those new to international accreditation, we provide webinars remotely on the standards and survey process, helping you understand how to meet the standards and what to emphasize. We also provide preparation surveys to prepare your staff for a smooth and successful JCI survey.

Key Benefits

We can conduct an onsite mock survey with a team of international consultants to identify vulnerabilities that need to be addressed before your survey. For those organizations that are already JCI accredited we can help you stay ready for your next survey by conducting a preparatory survey using tracer technique to help identify potentially problematic areas.

Many hospitals new the JCI accreditation process start their journey to accreditation with a series of webinars on the JCI standards. The language of the standards is not always transparent and hospitals in the US struggle to understand the important and measurable features of the standards. Going internationally with different languages makes this even more challenging. We have designed an 18 webinar training program, with each webinar 2 hours duration. These are completed prior to any onsite work. This will allow hospital managers and team members working on the accreditation to hear an explanation of the important requirements, and an opportunity to ask questions about standards they found unclear.

At the conclusion of the training we send a team of consultant surveyors to conduct an onsite assessment of readiness. At the conclusion of the survey we prepare a written report of findings of noncompliance and provide advice were appropriate. We can complete a follow up survey to assess compliance with the earlier identified issues and the corrective actions made. We assess compliance through patient tracers and interview sessions with staff.