Joint Commission Survey Preparation

by dawnconrey
Joint Commission Compliance Assistance

Joint Commission Survey Preparation

The Patton Healthcare Consulting team conducts Joint Commission survey preparation tailored to your organization’s unique services and size. It is designed to mirror your anticipated Joint Commission agenda and survey. For example, we:

  • Assess your compliance with Joint Commission standards and elements of performance using the “tracer” methodology
  • Deliver a written report using a color coded safety risk matrix to help you identify and prioritize non-compliance findings
  • Provide advice and examples on necessary changes to come into compliance
  • Educate your staff and provide real time feedback on how to effectively showcase compliance to the Joint Commission survey team

Daily Agenda, Closing Conference, Action Plan/Report

Prior to our arrival we work with your team to establish a daily agenda of mock survey activities based on the Joint Commission’s template. In addition, our consultants hold a concluding conference on our final day with leadership to summarize findings.  This includes:

  • Reviewing significant gaps in your organization’s readiness for survey
  • Detailing significant milestones required to correct what was observed.
  • Submitting a final recommendation report and providing action plans for Joint Commission survey preparation one week following the on-site visit

We provide the final report in an excel document. Plus, it’s formatted as a work plan, using a color coded safety risk matrix, which helps you achieve and maintain compliance. In fact, many of our clients use the final report to assign corrective action to staff and use the document to track completion and ongoing compliance.

We provide adhoc education during tracers as a routine part of our Joint Commission survey assistance and mock surveys. The education centers on practical implementation suggestions and action items uncovered during the visit.

In addition, we can provide formal training for your staff. Many organizations find that an educational program, conducted on the final day of the engagement, allows their staff to learn more about the frequently scored standards, new standards, and success strategies that staff can implement.

This program, conducted on the final day of the engagement, allows your staff to learn more about the frequently scored standards, new standards and success strategies your staff can implement.

To encourage broader participation and timely learning, we can provide customized education to your staff. We execute this training remotely via live web based education programs while allotting time for question and answers.