by dawnconrey


Patton Healthcare Consulting provides compliance services including Joint Commission Compliance Assistance, pre surveys, mock surveys, preliminary denial of accreditation and more. These testimonials provide client feedback on our interactions and the value of the services.

Hospital Client

Paul’s input was priceless. His expertise and experience with stroke care, program management and how TJC reviews are conducted was extremely valuable. He has such an amazing way of encouraging the stroke coordinator and the rest of the team while providing constructive criticism. He understands all facets of the TJC stroke reviews. His guidance definitely helped us achieve a more successful review last cycle. It is the reason our organization had Paul and Patton Healthcare Consulting return to consult with us again this year.

Rachel – Hospital Client

I just wanted to let you know that Kathleen and Jeff were phenomenal. They have a wealth of knowledge and were so easy to talk to. They made this process as comfortable as possible. I personally appreciated the extra time Kathleen spent with me explaining why she was doing certain things, as this is my first time dealing with Joint Commission. I couldn’t have asked for better consultants. Thank you again!

VP, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Executive

Ms. Cowel and Mr. Spaanbroek – I wanted to send an email to say Debra Zak and Troy Martin provided excellent consultation during our mock survey process. They were both professional, knowledgeable, and educational. Debra and Troy answered questions in a learning manner that was very respectful. I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to host Debra and Troy! Thank you for providing excellent consultants!

Hospital Client

Words cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance, encouragement, and guidance over the past several months. You are remarkable!

Kurt was very helpful during our early mock survey, as were you and Val during the mock survey this week. I found your slide presentation at the exit conference to be a very helpful format, particularly for our leaders.

You definitely exceeded our expectations with the turnaround-time for the final report. And I really like the “Safer Matrix” format of the final report – we were able to prioritize our correction efforts quite easily based on risk level.

I always enjoy working with and learning from you. You are very thorough in your assessment and I would much rather you find something, giving us an opportunity to correct it before survey, than have the Joint Commission find it. I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

Thank you again, this is amazing, the quick turn- around, the prioritization in the safer matrix, I can’t thank you enough.

I have heard so much positive feedback from the mock survey, everyone is very appreciative of the thoroughness and transparency.

Hospital Client

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your hard work and attention to detail. This mock survey was one of the most comprehensive I have ever been a part of. So many staff have come up to me after the survey and commented on how you educated them on each of the findings in the most dignified and understandable manner. And one of the greatest complements one could ever receive was that of a surgeon (who never compliments positively on anything) complemented by saying ” that team was real good… they knew their stuff…. I hope we get them back again”. WOW you were like superstars around here.

Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. You have left a true and positive mark on our organization.