Nursing And Provision Of Care

by Expert Advice

Nursing And Provision Of Care

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

The August Perspectives covers changes required by CMS to the nursing and provision of care chapter. And, a change covering operating room equipment at PC .03.01.01 is interesting, here’s why.

Operating Room Equipment

The change affects both hospitals and critical access hospitals with a distinct part psychiatric or rehabilitation unit. It mandates that certain equipment is available in operating room suites. And, after many years of working in healthcare, it still confused us. We had to look up some of the terms to identify their intentions.

  1. Call in system (intercom?)
  2. Cardiac monitor
  3. Resuscitator (ambu-bag)?
  4. Defibrillator
  5. Aspirator (suction machine)?
  6. Tracheotomy set

Joint Commission stated the requirement as “At a minimum, operating room suites have the following equipment.”

So, this triggers additional questions. Do they mean each operating room must have this equipment? Or, do they mean the suite as defined in life safety code, encompassing all of the OR’s?

In fact, the tracheotomy set can be quite extensive. So, this could be many stored and mostly unused surgical sets if every OR has to have them.

The first response we received from TJC is every OR has to have all the equipment. But, at the recent Joint Commission Consultants Forum, TJC leaders stated the OR suite should contain the equipment, not each individual operating room.

But, here’s a word of caution. If c-section ORs are in separate location from the main OR they will need their own set of the listed equipment. But, before making changes, you may want to confirm with the Standard Interpretation Group or wait until they publish an FAQ.

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