Pre-Construction Risk Assessment

by Expert Advice

Pre-Construction Risk Assessment

by Expert Advice

by Expert Advice

Is there a construction project planned or currently in process at your facility? If so, you’ll need to pay close attention to the pre-construction risk assessment (PCRA).

Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA)

As you might expect, the PCRA targets construction risks but, not just the construction aspect. It also incorporates infection control components. For example, problems including noise, vibration, function of fire suppression systems, ventilation, utilities, medical equipment and more are all evaluated. So, depending upon the type of construction project, these issues may impact your operation.

For more information, read EC News. They have a good article on PCRA that describes the process in more detail.

PCRA Requires Your Attention

Further, this issue stands out to a life safety surveyor and demands your attention. For example, it is not hard to find dust trailing down the hallway from the construction site or noise and vibration of jack hammers in the NICU.

Unfortunately, these issues often go unanalyzed before a project starts. Or, they are not adhered to during construction. But, this is not the type of issue you can hope the life safety surveyor does not notice!

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