Continuous Accreditation Support

by dawnconrey

Continuous Accreditation Support

The Patton Healthcare Consulting Continuous Accreditation Support (CAS) Program provides you with ongoing assessment, preparation, industry updates and a long-term strategy for successful survey outcomes.

This program surpasses competitor programs in its depth and duration. It includes the following components.

The chief component of the CAS program is the ongoing, on-site visits. In fact, it’s through these visits that our Patton Healthcare Consultants probe, evaluate compliance, teach, explain fine-points of compliance, and help you to refine practices to enable greater standards compliance. At each on-site visit, a Patton Healthcare Consultant will evaluate readiness according to a planned, contract period calendar of priority focus areas while providing ongoing “train-the- trainer” education.

Each month we review Perspectives, Environment of Care News, Sentinel Event Alert, the publicly posted FAQ’s, and any new CMS postings that require a hospital to take action. We prepare a summary of the actions needed, appropriately referencing the source. The information, prepared in a newsletter format, is sent to the CAS leader at the hospital for distribution to department heads or chapter leaders that have responsibility to make the changes.

What happens when the Joint Commission makes changes or your staff identifies an ambiguous existing standard? We’re here to help! Pose questions to our consultants and request their expert advice. PHC consultants respond to all electronic inquiries within 2 business days. Our responses are tailored to your specific needs using the knowledge we have about your hospital. The CAS program includes up to 25 inquiries per month as part of the base subscription package.

Access useful information on a secure client website page. Upon signing the CAS agreement, you will receive a login and password. This enables you to review dozens of valuable survey preparation tools and PowerPoint slide sets. Use them as is or customize as needed for your hospital’s ongoing readiness efforts.

Contact us to learn more about our continuous accreditation service and joint commission compliance assistance.